Music for Health – Can Listening to Music Make You Healthier?

Using Music to Boost Mental Health is a Powerful Strategy

Using music to boost mental health is nothing new. In fact, it’s a strategy that has been used for easing everything from stress to depression for thousands of years, including in documented history from ancient civilizations. It is an accessible tool that can have an...

Music Therapy Might Help You with Symptoms of This Skin Condition

Music therapy is well recognized as being effective for issues such as stress control. That said, many people don’t realize just how deeply it can impact mental, emotional and even physical health. It’s for this reason, among others, that researchers decided it was time to take a closer look at the way it could support a broader spectrum of treatment plans, including those for a very common skin condition.

Music Benefits Mental Health as Much as Physical Exercise

Does it surprise you to hear that music benefits mental health? Perhaps not. Maybe you’ve experienced the sudden change a particular song can bring to your mood and experience of the day. When you discover how much a tune can bring you back to a certain special moment in your life, remind you of someone you love, or just keep you on task when you’re studying or working, the concept becomes much clearer.

3 Ways Listening to Music While Eating Can Help Your Diet

uld otherwise be silence – or chewing noises – with some ambient tunes. If you’re alone, it can help to reduce feelings of boredom or even loneliness during a meal.  That said, you might be surprised to hear that choosing the right tunes can also be helpful for sticking to a healthy diet strategy.

Powerful Ways for Music to Support Your Mental Health

No matter what tunes you love the most, listening to music to support your mental health is a fantastic idea. It has been scientifically measured for boosting mood and making it easier to cope with challenging emotions. Regardless of whether you’re into pop, country, classical or hip hop, as long as you’re enjoying what you hear, it can make a difference you’ll notice.

Music for the Winter Blues is Wellness Through Your Ears

Yes, music for the winter blues is a thing, and thank goodness it is! With shorter days, lots of clouds, cold weather, and that feeling that warmer weather is still weeks – or even months – away, feeling gloomy is nearly a natural reaction at this time of the year.  All the added challenges of gestures broadly are only compounding the issue.  Fortunately, with the right tunes in your ears, it’s possible to sink into your own sunshiny world while you work, relax, or just take a moment for yourself.

Here’s Why You Should Add Music to Your Good Health Resolution This Year

If you love listening to music, you’re in luck! It turns out that music is beneficial in more ways than one when it comes to your overall health and state of mind, so listening to your favorite tunes is more than just fun.

3 Healthy Music Habits to Add to Your Daily Life

Healthy music habits are a great way to help use the frequencies, tunes and harmonies from our favorite songs – or new ones we’ve never heard before – to improve both our physical and mental wellness.  Our brains perceive sound in fascinating ways and using the right melodies in beneficial ways can help you to feel better, enjoy your workouts, and even be more productive in your everyday life. 

Stress-Busting Benefits of Music Help Support Great Health

As though life weren’t already stressful enough, the gestures broadly we’ve all been facing on a global scale has really piled it on, making the stress-busting benefits of music more important than it has been in a very long time.  The right songs and sounds have always been helpful in easing strain and anxiety, soothing symptoms of depression, and building us up overall. 

3 Ways Music Affects Your Health When You Love What You Hear

If you’re wondering about how music affects your health, all you really need to do is think back to the last time a song you absolutely love started playing. Think about what happened to you right awa

Top 10 Ways Playing Music is Good for Your Health

Top 10 Ways Playing Music is Good for Your Health

Did you know that playing music is good for your health? It’s true! In addition to being a lot of fun, and a fabulous creative outlet that you can use whenever you want, learning a musical instrument can have an impact on your body and overall wellness as well.

Listening to Yoga Music at Bedtime May Support Heart Health

Listening to Yoga Music at Bedtime May Support Heart Health

Yoga music isn't only just for when you are doing yoga. In fact, listening to some relaxing and soothing yoga music when it's time to hit the sack for the night might even help support the health of your heart. Who knew?! Here's the Research Researchers at HG SMS...