If you’re wondering about how music affects your health, all you really need to do is think back to the last time a song you absolutely love started playing. Think about what happened to you right away.  You may have started moving right away – a toe tap or a nodding head – as you kept time with the beat. Your mood likely changed, possibly all in a rush, changing your facial expression.  Perhaps you sang along.  Did it call to mind a memory you associate with listening to that song?

Music Affects Your Health Both Physically and Mentally

In that one moment, you were physically and mentally altered, simply because a tune started to play.  This helps you to better understand how music affects your health.  It may be nothing more than a song, but the right ones can have a real and measurable impact on your wellness.

Consider the following ways that music affects your health both on a mental and physical level.

1 – Gives Your Brain a Workout

One of the most straightforward ways that music affects your health is in the great impact it has on your brain’s fitness.  Playing an instrument, singing, writing music, or even listening to songs you like are all associated with improved overall memory. Some studies have also showed that the right tunes can support overall cognitive function as well.

2 – Gives Your Mood a Shot in the Arm

Songs nearly always elicit some sort of emotional response when we listen to them.  Whether they make us happy, sad, angry, driven or even bored, they do something to how we feel. This is why many people find that the right instrumental music can help them to concentrate, and holiday music makes them feel festive.  The right beat can get us moving and the right tune we’ve known forever can be highly nostalgic, bringing back memories of happy times we’ve enjoyed in the past.

Listening to, playing, or singing songs we love can be a clear illustration of how music affects our health through mood and emotional support. The impact is nearly immediate, and it can change the way we feel, how well we can concentrate, or even what type of activities we want to do.

3 – It Gets You Moving for a Better Workout

It’s no mystery why nearly everyone at the gym has headphones on.  The way music affects your health includes driving us forward, particularly when it comes to physical activity. Whether it makes you want to start dancing or gets your stride up to a faster pace while you’re running on the treadmill, the difference is a big one. It can help you to pass the time more quickly at the gym so those sweat sessions don’t seem as long and can make difficult workouts feel more achievable. In fact, the right fight songs can push you to try even harder than you would on your own.

Get the Most from How Music Affects Your Health

Now that you know how music affects your health, start putting together some great playlists or check out our list of the best fight songs to motivate you and get you going during your next fat burning workout.