As though life weren’t already stressful enough, the gestures broadly we’ve all been facing on a global scale has really piled it on, making the stress-busting benefits of music more important than it has been in a very long time.  The right songs and sounds have always been helpful in easing strain and anxiety, soothing symptoms of depression, and building us up overall.  Nowadays, we’ve found ourselves leaning on techniques such as these ones to stay driven to keep going and do our best.

Are You Using the Stress-Busting Benefits of Music to Your Advantage?

There is such a spectrum of different stress-busting benefits of music, that it’s difficult to identify them all.  Some of them include:

  • Calming us down when we’re overwhelmed
  • Pouring out an overflow of emotions
  • Making us feel socially connected – even if it’s to a recorded singer!
  • Distracting us from our current challenges
  • Filling lengthy periods of silence
  • Blocking out unpleasant ambient noises

These are far from the only stress-busting benefits of music, but it sure is a powerful list of the basics!

Research has shown that the right tunes are so helpful that they can actually help to shut off the body’s natural stress response.  This can be a great way to improve your psychological wellbeing, which can then impact your physical health.  Yes, believe it or not, listening to, singing, or playing the right songs can be medically good for you!

It’s Surprising, but It Shouldn’t Be!

Though it sounds surprising that something as simple as playing the right song can be good for our mental and physical health, when you really think about it, it shouldn’t be.  We’ve all experienced the powerful stress-busting benefits of music of some point.  This is particularly evident during tween and teen years.  Think about a time when you were feeling overwhelmed, hurt, or angry.  What was one of the things you were likely to do? Was it to turn on some music and crank it up? Likely!

This is a natural instinct to seek out the stress-busting benefits of music. You knew that those songs you love would help to make you feel understood or nostalgic while you were able to simultaneously block out the frustrating world from one of your major senses.

To be sure you always have the advantages that tunes have to offer on your side, spend some time paying attention to how different songs make you feel.  Calmed, soothed, comforted, pumped up, energized, happy, powerful? Then, create mood-based playlists and add the songs to them as you listen and identify what they do for you. That way, the next time you need a bit of a mood change, you’ll be perfectly equipped with the right songs to get you there.