If you love listening to music, you’re in luck! It turns out that music is beneficial in more ways than one when it comes to your overall health and state of mind, so listening to your favorite tunes is more than just fun.

Why Add Music to Your Good Health Resolution

Interested in learning more about how much of an impact music can have on your well-being? Check out a few of the reasons why you should be adding music to your good health resolution this year.

Music Can Help Reduce Your Stress Level

We all deal with stress, and a lot of us end up listening to music in order to help calm ourselves down. If you’re one of those people, keep doing what you’re doing, as it turns out that listening to music can help you physically recover from the adverse effects of daily stress more quickly than relaxing in complete silence or even listening to tranquil sounds like running water.

Plus, music can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. This is definitely one of the best reasons to include music in your good health resolution, as stress can take a heavy toll on every aspect of your mental and physical health.

Music Can Help Support Brain and Heart Health

According to Care2, listening to music can help support the health of the brain, including when it comes to aging. It actually serves as a workout for the brain. Neat, right? Just be sure to incorporate some new tunes into your playlist so that your brain learns to follow new melodies and rhythms all the time.

Beyond helping you maintain brain health, the act of listening to music can also support the health of your heart, so this is another reason why it’s a good health resolution you should consider. This is also related to how it affects your brain, though. Basically, your favorite songs have the ability to alter your brain chemistry, thereby leading to heart benefits that include relaxation of the arteries and improved function of blood vessels. If you listen to music after you exercise, the songs can help your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal more quickly, too.

It Helps You Achieve Your Daily Goals

Wishing you were more productive? Want this year to be the time when you start to get better sleep? Feel like your workout could use some powering up? The right healthy music habits added to your daily life will make many of your goals feel much closer within reach.  As a result, using your good health resolution to incorporate the appropriate types of music into your days (and nights) can mean that you will indeed support better outcomes.

Playing upbeat music without lyrics throughout the daytime can help you to keep your mind on track as you work. This helps you to get more done while simultaneously avoiding the feeling of monotony, particularly if your tasks take focus but are repetitive.

Soothing instrumental music at bedtime can be just what you need to polish off your healthy bedtime routine to get a more restful sleep at night. This can even help you to get more out of a good quality nighttime sleep aid.

Think your workouts could be less of a drag, you could perform better with the right motivation? A playlist filled with songs with the right number of beats per minute can help to get you there!

Final Thoughts About Why Your Good Health Resolution Should Contain Music

There you have it: a few of the many ways that music can benefit the mind and the body So, if you are struggling to come up with a good health resolution for the coming year, be sure to include spending time listening to music as one of your goals.