One of today’s most popular workout routines is high intensity interval training, which is also referred to as HIIT. It is a great way to burn fat and calories while also building your strength and endurance. But it can be a difficult workout to get through.

Thankfully, by using music for high intensity interval training, you can keep your body moving and your blood pumping so you can achieve your weight loss goals. Check out the tips below to know exactly how to tweak your workout playlist for optimal results.

It Is All About Beats Per Minute (BPM)

Like other workout routines, you can get your body moving—and keep it going strong—by listening to songs that have the right beats per minute, or BPM. The ideal range for high intensity interval training is 85 to 125 BPM. This range will help you get through the slower movements, as well as the faster and tougher movements, of this training routine.

When you are moving through a low/mid-rep exercise, stick with songs that move at 85 BPM for half of the time, and then play songs that have 125 BPM the rest of the time.

When you are moving through mid/high-rep exercises, stick with the 85 BPM songs, but double your pace by performing two movements, rather than one, for each beat. So, as an example, when you are running and you step to each beat, focus on doubling that pace by matching a beat to every other step. When you are doubling up like that, you will be moving at a whopping 170 beats per minute. The rest of the time, you can stick with 125 BPM songs.

A Few Songs That You Can Add to Your Playlist

So now that you have the basic idea behind music for high intensity interval training, consider adding the following tracks to your playlist to get started.

For 85 BPM tracks, you can check out Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz performing “6 Foot 7 Foot,” or you can go with Karmin’s “Acapella.” Other great songs include Bassnectar’s “Bass Head,” Coldplay and Rihanna’s “Princess of China,” and B.o.B.’s “So Good.”

For your 125 BPM tracks, try listening to Avicii’s “Hey Brother,” Swedish House Mafia’s “Greyhound,” or Kesha’s “C’mon.” Other options include Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” and The Ready Set’s “Give Me Your Hand.”

Now that you know how to use music for high intensity interval training, you can more easily take your workouts to new levels. Have fun, enjoy the tunes, and allow the music to help keep your mind sharp and your body moving.