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The Best Jogging Playlist of All Time

Whenever you’re feeling sluggish or you can’t seem to get yourself moving, playing the right songs that have the right tempo could be just what you need to wake up your mind and get your body moving. So if you like adding jogging to your workout routine but you often find yourself unmotivated to go running, add the following songs to your portable music player. This could very well be considered the best jogging playlist of all time.


Jake Bugg’s “Lightning Bolt”


You know a song is great for any fitness related activity when it’s used by a company like Gatorade, and that’s exactly what “Lightning Bolt” is. Jake Bugg released this hit, which appeared in an advertisement for the sports drink years ago. It has a catchy and driving tempo and beat that will motivate you to push yourself harder, so this song definitely deserves to be on the best jogging playlist.


Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”


This is one of those tracks that you can use whenever you want to gradually build up your momentum when you head out for a jog. Just listen to this song and move with it and, before you know, you’ll be picking up speed. Overall, this is a song that’s considered uplifting and energetic, so it’s a great way to get motivated to pick up the pace.


Britney Spears “Work Bitch”


If you’re a fan of Britney Spears’ dance music, “Work Bitch” is one of those songs that will motivate you by reminding you that you can’t get any gains without any pain. For runners, this song has the right tempo that will keep you going because you want to get the results.


The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”


Are you more of a fan of classic rock than dance and pop? Then add The Who’s beloved song, “Baba O’Riley” to your playlist. Released way back in 1971, this is a rock anthem that has a great buildup with stellar instrumentation. You can easily set your mindset and your pace before the beat really kicks in. The tempo of this song is easy to run to, so your body will move along effortlessly to it.


When you’re putting together the best jogging playlist, stick with songs that make you feel good and that generally get you moving, whether you prefer hard rock and heavy metal, hip/hop, or dance music. And if you ever need an extra boost, you can always consider taking a weight management product like PhenBlue to boost your metabolism and energy level.