Challenging Tabata workouts are all the rage right now because they squeeze a lot of hard work into a short period of time, and they deliver results, whether you want to increase your stamina, build muscles, or lose weight. But have you considered trying Tabata workout music with vocal cues? If not, you definitely should. Keep reading to learn why.

1. The Vocal Cues Tell You When to Start and Stop
The great thing about Tabata is the fact that it can really get your heart rate going, but you may end up focused so much on your tough workout that you forget to keep track of the time that you need to be working on each exercise.

With Tabata workout music that contains vocal cues, you will not have to worry about going too long, or not getting enough time in. Instead, you will know exactly when you need to start an exercise and when you need to stop. This allows you to make the most of this interval training workout routine, so you can get the very best results.

2. Vocal Cues Remind You to Breathe and Watch Your Form
Just as you would receive cues from a personal trainer or an instructor on TV, Tabata workout music that contains vocal cues will remind you that you need to pay attention to your form, and the cues will also remind you that you need to breathe throughout your workout. You will know when you need to slow down and when you need to up the intensity, and this will all translate to a much more effective workout than if you tried to go it alone or if you were only working out to music without the instructor’s cues.

3. No Need to Look at Your Watch
If you are attempting your Tabata workout on your own, you will need to continually look down at your watch to count the seconds for each interval of work and rest. But if you are following a Tabata routine with music and vocal cues included, the music’s energy will get you going and keep you going strong, and the vocal cues will allow you to focus on the workout and not on your stopwatch.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using Tabata workout music with vocal cues. Combine this workout routine with a great weight loss product like PhenBlue and you are sure to get amazing results.