The right music can help you power through even the most intense workout. After all, music has an effect on your emotions, which is why you probably want to turn on a happy, energizing song whenever you are feeling tired or down. But what is the best music if you love running? Continue reading to learn more about the ideal music tempo for runners, and to gain access to a few must-have songs that should be on your playlist the next time you work out.

It Is All About the Beats Per Minute

When it comes to accessing the right music tempo for runners, you need to focus on the beats per minute, or BPM, of a particular tune in order to determine if it will be the right track to play during your run on a treadmill or in the great outdoors.

When you check out the Top 40 songs of today, you will notice that they fall into three categories. These are dance songs, rap songs, and pop ballads. While ballads are oftentimes far too slow for getting motivated to exercise, dance and rap songs that are faster are actually not the ideal choices either. This is because the typical rap song will only have about 80 beats per minute, while the typical dance song will have around 128 beats per minute. Because the typical runner will move faster than both of those, coming it at around 150 steps every minute, you will need faster music to keep moving.

The Songs with the Right Tempo
You will want to find songs that have around 150 beats per minute, or above 150 BPM, in order to get the energy boost that you need while you are running. You may even notice that your feet will actually move in time with the music, which is always fun. For this purpose, you may have to download a few older tracks, such as:

· Avril Lavigne: “What the Hell”
· Fatboy Slim: “The Rockafeller Skank”
· Neon Trees: “Everybody Talks”
· The Black Keys: “Lonely Boy”
· Modern English: “I Melt with You”
· Jimmy Eat World: “The Middle”
· The Go-Go’s: “Vacation”

Add the tracks above to your running playlist and see if it makes a difference because they have the right music tempo for runners. Combine the right music with the right weight loss pill, like PhenBlue, and you’ll achieve incredible results in no time.