Is music for yoga practice a necessity? Is it actually good for anything that you want to gain from the time, breathing and movements? It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that there are indeed a number of advantages to be gained by adding the right tunes to accompany your asanas.

Do You Need Music for Yoga Practice Benefits?

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of a session and you want to elevate your mind, nothing else helps more than the best music for yoga practice. On a more basic level, it can sometimes simply help to set the mood and rhythm of your exercise. It can help you to remain focused so your mind isn’t continually wandering off to other things.

According to some yoga instructors, playing music during yoga isn’t necessary from the start. You can turn it on during your asana and then turn it off when your mind feels like it has had enough of it. However, some experts believe music during yoga can divert your mind and attention easily, which is not what you want during a session. The music during a yoga class can help at setting the movement of the flow and can be turned off later.

How Does Music Work in a Class?

When music is played during the yoga class, you might feel their attention focused on it to a larger extent and you will feel a lot better during and after yoga particularly if you enjoy the music that was being played.

When the best music for yoga is used during the class, it transforms into something powerful and influencing. There are a few songs that really help open things up. Some students love to listen to music during yoga class and it teleports them from their daily routine into a peaceful place.

Which Songs Should Be on Your Yoga Practice Playlist?

To make things easier for you, here’s a look at some songs which should be on your yoga playlist, in other words the best music for yoga:

1. First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

2. Times Like These by John Johnson

3. Born Secular by John Lewis and The Watson Twins

4. She’s Only Happy In The Sun by Ben Harper

5. Fix You by Coldplay

6. Begin by Ben Lee

7. Field Below by Regina Skeptor

8. Shelter by Ray LaMontagne

9. Water Mark by Enya

10. This Woman’s Work by Maxwell

That said, these are far from the only tunes you could play in the background. In fact, many people prefer not to listen to songs that have lyrics. Instead, they want more of an ambient sound to help them to stay in the right mood, tune out noises from outside – such as traffic – and to remind them to stay mindful throughout.  In that way, the music for your yoga practice is a piece of equipment, just like your mat.

Let Your Instincts Guide You

Music has an essence to it that can help us lift our spirits and can mentally, physically and emotionally make us feel better. It is said that something that creates a melody can do amazing things to your heart. The next time you begin your practice, you know what to carry with you alongside your yoga mat and motivation: your playlist with all of these best songs for yoga on it.

Give it a listen as long as it’s helping you, but if you find that music for your yoga practice isn’t don’t what you want it to during any given session, simply shut it off.  Just as the right sounds can enhance your practice on some days, silence can do the same on others.

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