Squats are an excellent exercise and a complete lower body workout. Squats efficiently work a majority of the muscle groups in the thighs, hips and butt. Being a versatile exercise, squats can be done almost anywhere and without the use of equipment or weights. Many people have cited noteworthy benefits of squats when done with music. Putting on your favorite songs and squatting to the beat of the music has scientifically been proved to yield fruitful results. When combined with music, squatting becomes a productive movement pattern to accomplish outstanding fitness and weight loss results.
So, get your playlist ready and enjoy the many benefits of squatting, including increased muscle size, performance and strength. A few of these are listed below:

Muscle and Strength Builder
Building muscle and enhancing strength is one of the most apparent benefits of squatting. As you squat to the rhythm of your favorite songs, it allows you to exercise with a large amount of weight for improving strength. Squats support your lower body and you can develop a creative squat routine with your favorite music.

Enhances Core Strength
Throughout a squat session with your favorite music, your core muscles are compelled to work with extra efficiency. Music helps you focus while keeping your body in an upright position as you support your lower back for maximum output. Squatting, when done right, can enhance the overall core strength and improves the performance of other compound exercises. It also shields the lower back from injury. Squats are also helpful in muscle growth and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Increases Mobility and Flexibility
Music allows you to let yourself loose. Benefits of squatting also include an increase in flexibility and mobility as you add muscle to your lower body. This workout is useful for making your lower back more flexible and elevating your performance. As your body becomes more flexible, you have more efficient knees, hips, ankles and of course, a stronger back. This added strength will reduce risk of injury in the future.

Builds Mental Toughness
Songs are known to instigate vigor and make your exercise routines a lot more fun. When we squat to our favorite songs, benefits of squatting are doubled. This helps you overcome the hurdles in life and makes your body a functional instrument.

We all know the benefits of squatting are too many to list. As mentioned above, when we squat to our favorite tunes, the outcome is a more productive workout and we have a quicker workout that involves our mind and body. You can play with your squatting routine as you exercise to your favorite music in the gym or at home.