Weight loss workouts can be a lot of fun…when they’re going your way.  That said, when you’re new to regular exercise for this purpose, or when you’ve hit a plateau, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Finding your fitness groove, enjoying yourself with the right tunes playing, and getting the results you expect is something most people need to build up to. It doesn’t automatically just happen.

What Does PHENBLUE Have to Do with Weight Loss Workouts?

PHENBLUE is an effective weight loss workouts support supplement that is there for you as you keep up your exercise and work to stick to your diet. This is important because many people fail at losing the pounds because of the hunger pangs that lead them back to fatty comfort foods or tempting sugary treats.  It’s not a personal failure. It’s human nature until the right sustainable eating strategy can be found.

People who are new to exercise can successfully lose weight initially with a good workout on their side. However, it’s important to remember that weight loss workouts are only one component of a broader strategy. What you do needs to be supported by what you eat. If you’re not creating a calorie deficit, you will likely be disappointed with your outcomes.

Therefore, as much as weight loss workouts are very important, so is finding your way into an eating strategy that works and that you’ll be able to keep up over time. Remember that the right diet for you is the one you’ll stick to, not necessarily the one your friend uses.

When Diet and Exercise Don’t Align

Here is where PHENBLUE comes out to shine. It won’t do the weight loss workouts for you, and it won’t magically make any calories you eat disappear. However, it will provide you with the support you need to overcome your top challenges so you can keep up your changes and turn them into long-term healthy habits. 

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It helps you maintain focus on your diet and boost energy even after a tough weight loss workout. By being alert and energized, you’re not only more likely to actually do the exercises in the first place, but you’ll be able to give them your best performance so that you can feel confident that you’re aiming directly for your goals.

Great Exercises to Add to Weight Loss Workouts

Of course, to benefit the most, you’ll want to be sure you’re doing some of the best exercises for reaching those goals. The exercises that are best for you depend on what your specific goals are, your fitness level, and even what you enjoy doing. That said, the following are some of the types of exercise you might want to consider trying as a part of your overall sweat sessions.


The good old push-ups are a staple of any weight loss workout. They can work wonders for your arms and chest with a little variation, not to mention your core. There are forms that can make them easier to do if you’re a beginner, and other forms that can boost the challenge if you’ve been doing these for years. You can do diamond push-ups as they are especially helpful for fine toning your shoulders, chest and triceps. Remember that muscles are great fat burners and strength is fantastic for helping to prevent injury over time.

Cardio Exercises

Many people fail to focus on aerobic exercises, aka cardio, in an attempt to increase their muscle tone.  After all, building or toning muscles can be visible but the results of going for a power walk aren’t as easy to define.  Still cardio exercises are the best way to fire up your metabolism. By using these along with PHENBLUE, you’ll have the energy to keep pushing forward. This is great whether you’re walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, or going ham on the elliptical machine.


Squats are one of the best exercises to add to weight loss workouts. They work your calves, hamstrings, leg muscles and quads. Moreover, the squat assists in strengthening your knee ligaments. But make sure squats are done with the right technique as they are effective only when they are done right. Beginners can do squats without using any weights. It is important that you take help from your fitness instructor to know how squats are done or you might end up hurting yourself.