Cardio Workout Songs Keep You Going

Weight gain seems inevitable these days. Gone are the days when just avoiding unhealthy food was enough to stay within the realms of fitness. Nowadays, it seems simply breathing can cause weight gain as well. Among the thousands of weight loss techniques, including diet plans, diet pills and physical activity programs, music is another technique that keeps motivation during physical fitness exercises.

Music not only helps you with cardio exercises, but also helps with better consumption of meals. Music is a sensation which can arouse different feelings in a person, from nostalgia, to melancholy, even to adrenaline rush. Take a restaurant for example. Restaurant owners create the most inviting atmosphere for their customers. The lights, dinnerware, aroma, cleanliness, presentation all contribute to our sensory experiences in a restaurant. Dirty dishware or nasty smells could make a restaurant lose customers by the minute.

Researchers found changing the atmosphere could change the behavior of the crowd. Researchers anticipated with soft ambient music playing in the background, customers will feel more relaxed, which means they will stay longer and order more food.

But the hypothesis turned out to be wrong! It was, in fact, the opposite. While customers did stay longer with soft music playing in the background, they did not order more food. Instead, they slowed down with the music and consumed their food slowly, as compared to a fast food restaurant where service is quick with a lot more traffic and a higher consumption of food per individual.

So, how does all this contribute to weight loss? One of the key tips to weight loss is consuming food in small portions over a larger span of time, instead of wolfing down large meals. So, sitting down comfortably with soft music playing in the background could help you consume your meals better. It takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to realize it is full, thus eating slowly won’t let you over indulge.

Another way music contributes to weight loss is during workouts, as we all know. A good workout playlist featuring cardio workout songs could be the best motivator there is to exercise for longer times. Studies have shown an average workout session for women between the ages of 20 to 30 is twenty minutes without music. However, with cardio workout songs, the sessions would last for thirty minutes or more.

The following are a few cardio workout songs you can add to your workout playlists for a more intense, yet enjoyable workout.

Eminem: Lose yourself
Muse: Hysteria
David Guetta: Memories
Lady Gaga: Applause
Rihanna: Where Have You Been?
Iggy Azalea: Black Widow
Kanye West: Stronger
Bastille: Pompiee
In this Moment: Adrenalize
Big Sean: Dance Ass Remix
Jay- Z: On to the next one
Fall Out Boy: Dance, Dance