Research carried out by Brunel University has proven that humans can increase their exercise endurance if they are listening to music while exercising by a whopping 15%. There are countless athletes who use music to improve their workout, but this is the first-time research has shown its benefits.

The Question is Which Music Will Maximize Exercise Endurance?

People routinely plug in earphones before beginning a run or using the gym. Aerobics classes use a bass line so people can make the most out of their exercises, but it seems like it’s not just an aid for better timing and concentration but assists in achieving weight loss goals too.

The research was carried out under Dr. Costas Karageorghis’ supervision, and it revealed there are only certain music genres help in aiding the workout and not others. There is a definite speed which should be followed, and those tracks need to be somewhere between 120 to 140 beats per minute to maximize exercise endurance for the listener.

Dr. Karageorghis has been working for really long on the relationship between exercise and music. His recent discoveries were showcased on a huge level in London. Music stations were featured on the route of ‘Run to the Beat’ half marathon where tracks were selected with careful inspection to boost the runners’ potential.

The Undiscovered Potential of Music

Music has always been known to have an enticing effect on the listener’s mind and mood so it’s not surprising it can also work wonders to boost exercise endurance. This is great news for professional and amateur athletes to boost their strength by tuning into the right beats. Music gets people in the mood, and they start to enjoy the entire process of exercising, which they might not otherwise.

This is one of the reasons that it is frequently seen as not only beneficial on its own, but also a way to charge you up as a complement to the benefits of LIPONITRO as you pursue your fitness and weight goals.  Just popping on the right tunes can help to make you feel more energized and can keep you going, improving your exercise endurance a little or a lot!

Of course, there is a big difference between a little and a lot, so it’s important to choose the right tunes to listen to while you exercise.  This isn’t difficult to imagine. After all, which song do you think would be more likely to keep you going during an intense workout or long run, a soft lullaby or powerful upbeat, fast-paced tunes on your best workout playlist ever?

Working Out to Music for Exercise Endurance

For those who exercise because they want to lose weight, this is incredible news. Now they can literally enjoy and look forward to their workout sessions instead of how they would previously sulk at the thought of it. This little trick will ensure the perfect push and motivation people need to exercise in winters when it’s cold and everybody tends to feel lazy about exercising.

Music has been used almost everywhere, from restaurants to bars, hotels, parties, weddings, the purpose is to keep everybody high in their spirits. So, why not keep those spirits high during your workouts too? If increasing exercising time is difficult, increasing the volume surely won’t be.

To take advantage of how music boosts exercise endurance, get started on building your playlist now. Remember that even though you may come up with a great selection of tunes right away, it’s something that will always be evolving. Every time you hear a great song that could boost you up, add it. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to skip songs you’re not in the mood for and enjoy getting charged up by fresh ones on a regular basis.