Looking for some music for running? Going for a run is a great way to help you get in good shape. It allows you to get up and move, get that heart rate up, and yet it’s gentle enough that you are going to be able to do it for the length that is needed without causing a lot of harm to the body. But most of the people who do running exercises find that it is easier to do when they have some good music to motivate them.

Music for Running Exercises that Will Boost and Motivate You

It’s incredible the difference the right music for running can make. Even if you’re not feeling like heading out for a run, a great tune can make you forget so you’re all set to move. Where you’d usually feel fatigued, you’ll be ready to power on ahead.

Using the right music for running will mean that you will start to look forward to this time for yourself, your fitness and your health. You’ll enjoy being active and will be surprised at how quickly the time passes.  It’s something that doctors can measure with medical tests!

Choosing the Best Music for Running Exercises

Here is some of the best music that you can listen to when you are running in your workout. This is a selection of older and newer songs that will appeal to a range of tastes.

Raise your Glass by Pink

The first running exercise song that a lot of people like to go for is this one. It is perfect because it has a nice beat that will help you stay on a fast pace throughout the workout, but it is not too insane that it will cause you to barely be able to run a block. This is a song that can motivate you just by the words as well to keep on going for the long haul. This should be on your playlist if you like to run.

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

This one is a little bit faster paced if you are really trying to go all out for your running exercises. Plus, it is kind of a fun song to listen to. If you have some time before going out on a run, go and look at the music video. This will give you a nice and funny visual while you are running.

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

This song is better if you would like a bit of motivation to keep you going. Plus it can be a good timer for when you are doing interval training. You can turn on the song and just keep running, and believing in yourself, until the song is done.

Footloose by Kenny Loggins

While this one might be an older one, it is a good running one. It has a nice fast beat that is going to keep you motivated to move all day long. You can be like the movie and play it over and over again and get the most out of your running exercises in no time. Just don’t be surprised if people begin to look at you funny because you are dancing to this song.

Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX

The only challenge you’ll face when you’re listening to this music for running will be to keep your stride a normal one. The thunder of the pace of this song will have you wanting to pound forcefully as you race ahead, charged up by the energy of the track.

Y.A.L.A. by M.I.A. the PartySquad, and Kenzo

If you want to feel sassy, saucy and empowered to keep going, this song will definitely charge you up. In fact, you’ll likely have a hard time not mouthing the words as you push forward, you’ll be so engrossed in the lyrics. All the while, you’ll be charging ahead at your best performance, forgetting all about any struggle or fatigue.