Enter the best songs for running on a treadmill. You want to go for a run, but you seem to be lacking any motivation these days. You feel like you’re stuck in a rut, particularly when it’s cold outside and you have to run on the treadmill. Even if you like these types of runs sometimes you need to pump up your running workout, and so you need a little music.

Add These Best Songs for Running to Your Playlist!

These songs are sure to pick up your treadmill runs, but they may work well for running all the time. It’s all about the upbeat tempo, the dance beats, and the fantastic music in the background that will get you moving. So, these songs make some of the best choices for the ultimate playlist. You will be amazed at what the right type of music can do to improve your performance and motivate your workouts in general.

So, if you need a little motivation or want to take your workout in a new direction, here is the ultimate list that makes up the very best songs for running. You’ll be hooked and moving in no time at all!

Our List of Best Songs for Running Include…

“Pump It”—Black Eyed Peas:

It was one of their first hits, but that jazzy beat and build up will get you moving with ease. Their music tends to make almost every running playlist, and this is a great song to start with. You will feel so in control and ready to take on even the toughest run, and it will make things go along much easier too.

“Party Rock Anthem”—LMFAO:

You can’t help but want to get up and move when you hear this song. By far their most popular hit, this is on so many different playlists out there. You won’t be able to sit still, and so if you need a little jump to get you going this is a great song to add.

“Locked Out of Heaven”—Bruno Mars:

It’s not as fast as the other songs, but the tempo makes it great as you work up in your run. This definitely belongs on the list of one of the best songs for running because it builds up and so you can use it as you start to increase your speed. Plus his music consists of instant classics that you can’t help but love!

“Crazy In Love”—Beyonce and Jay-Z:

How can you not love this dynamic duo? By far one of their best songs, this is an automatic winner for running or nearly any other activity as well. It’s a great beat and a good classic song to help your runs at any level.

“Sexy Back”—Justin Timberlake:

You can’t go wrong with his music, and this is a definite “must have” on the running playlist. The amazing beat will move you and make you want to run even faster, and that’s what it’s all about. It may be a bit older, but it’s a surefire winner!

“Stronger”—Kanye West:

You can’t help but run along with his beats, and this is a great song pick. If you want to make your run a successful one, then these are the types of songs to include on the list. Whatever you think of him, his songs are pure motivation for your physical activity.

“Starry Eyed Surprise”—Oakenfold:

By far this has to be one of the best best songs for running because of its techno beat and background. It doesn’t have to include a lot of words, for it’s all about how the song makes you want to move. You will be running at your best when you have this in the background.

“What You Waiting For?”—Gwen Stefani:

It’s fast but a bit of a different tempo, and so it may work well for a cool down. You can get some motivation from her songs and from her as an artist, and that’s what the best running playlist is all about. You can’t help but run your best!

Adding to Your Best Songs for Running on a Treadmill

This list is definitely filled with some of the best songs for running, but it doesn’t mean that it’s complete.  Don’t miss our recent post about “How to Create Your Best Workout Playlist Ever”, so you’ll know how to take this playlist but keep it evolving to suit your fitness level, workout and taste in music. 

Using these songs and techniques, you’ll know that the tunes in your ears are always driving you forward. The best songs for running on a treadmill, a track or just down the road will push your onward and make sure you keep up the right pace.