Listening to the right music can help you wake up in body and mind, and it is also a great way to get yourself motivated for a solid workout routine that will allow you to burn calories and build muscle.

Cardio workout playlists are really popular because they contain songs that will entice you to get your body moving, and to keep moving, whether you prefer to work out at the gym, in the great outdoors, or inside your own home.

What are some of the best streaming services for cardio workout playlists so you can start taking advantage of the effects that music can have on your exercise routine? We’ve listed a few options below to help you.

1. Spotify

One of the most popular streaming services for music is Spotify. And, according to Self, you can find several stellar workout playlists on this app. Once you’re logged in, you can search for cardio workout playlists, and many options will appear. Click through to see what songs are on the lists, and to select the one that is right for you. Plus, if you want to make your own custom playlist, you can do so on this app as well.

2. YouTube Music

Another great streaming service where you can find cardio workout songs is YouTube Music. You can easily browse both music videos and songs to find the ones that are just right for your workout routine, and you can find amazing songs based on recommendations and genres. And, of course, it’s also a great place to go when you are searching for playlists.

3. Amazon Music

Yet another place to go when you want to stream cardio workout playlists is Amazon Music. This is yet another app that you can use to create your very own playlists whenever you want to, but it can also help take the guesswork out of the process by allowing you to search for playlists that you need for specific activities, such as your workout routine. Go ahead an make the most of the many playlists and stations that this app has to offer, so you can always have something motivating to listen to when you’re getting ready to burn calories.

The Right Music Can Help You Get Your Body Moving

With so many great streaming services, it’s easier than ever to find new music that will get you excited and ready for your tough workout routine. When it comes to cardio, in particular, stick with songs that have a high BPM (beats per minute), as those will surely inspire you to move your body.