Listening to the right music can instantly change your mood. Want to relax? Play some slow tempo tracks to soothe your mind. Want to get up and moving? Play songs that have a faster tempo and entice you to start dancing. But, beyond all of that, did you know that music could even serve as a natural fat burning tool for when you want to lose weight and get in shape? It’s true! Continue reading to learn more.

Boost the Effectiveness of Your Workouts with Music

According to Huffington Post, a study found that individuals who exercised while listening to music with a fast temp were able to get their heart rate higher, while also boosting their respiratory rate and their body temperature. The end result was that they were able to burn more calories compared to people who listened to slower paced music while they exercised. And, of course, they burned more calories than the people in the study who worked out without listening to any music at all.

Music Works on Natural Fat Burning and Releasing Endorphins

In addition to helping you get more out of your cardio routine, music can even work when it comes to making you feel good because it helps the body release endorphins. Your body also releases endorphins after laughing, feeling excited, dancing, or just simply exercising. So, when you combine music with exercise, you can imagine that the level of feel-good endorphins released will be higher.

What’s the big deal about endorphins when it comes to losing weight? Well, they can actually help reduce your appetite, while also encouraging your body to use energy stores, thereby resulting in more fat loss. And, at the same time that endorphins are released, cortisol is reduced, which can help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Bottom line: when you are able to get the most out of each and every workout with the right music, you can enjoy more natural fat burning, and that will help you shed those extra pounds more quickly than you thought possible. So, the next time you exercise, bring a playlist packed with your favorite fast paced songs to see if they can help you go farther, faster, and longer.