Do you enjoy listening to audio books? Have you thought about whether or not it is a good idea to listen to audio books instead of music while you exercise? This is a valid question that a lot of people ask, especially since there is quite a bit of research out there proving that the right music at the right tempo can have a profoundly positive impact on your ability to power through a tough workout.

So, can you listen to audio books while you exercise? Check out the information below for the answer.

Yes, You Can Listen to Audio Books If You Want!

Although most people turn to music to get their bodies moving and to keep themselves motivated during their workout routine, if it’s a matter of using music to keep your mind off of what you are doing a bit, you can certainly try listening to audio books to change things up. Give it a try, as you might be surprised by how much you like it, especially if you are already a fan of listening to audio books.

The Benefits of Listening to Audio Books While You Exercise

In addition to being a nice distraction from what your muscles are feeling during a tough workout, listening to an interesting audio book is also a great way to learn something new while you are exercising, according to Mind Body Green. Keeping your body engaged through cardio and strength training is one thing, but keeping your brain engaged by listening to an audio book can help you take your workout to a new level. You’ll not only be working on your body, but you’ll also be working on your mind!

Best Workouts for Listening to an Audio Book

You might have to experiment with when it’s best to listen to audio books while you exercise. For example, if you are going for a walk in the park or you are headed out for a hike on a mountain, listening to an audio book can be the additional calming element that you are searching for. Even if you are going for a run on a trail or on a treadmill, an audio book can help you pass the time and keep you motivated, especially if you are listening to an inspiring book.

Give It a Try!

You never know if you’ll like listening to an audio book during a workout until you give it a try. You might discover that it helps you focus, or you might find that you aren’t capable of focusing enough of your attention on the audio because you are too homed in on what your body is doing. Go ahead and see how it makes you feel so you can decide if you want to switch things up and listen to an audio book while at the gym.