Do you want to take your running workout to the next level? Well, there are several steps that you can take, and tools that you can use, to improve your running motivation and go farther than you thought possible.

Check out the information below to learn about how music, gadgets, and memories are helping some top runners meet their goals. Then, consider how you can use these same tactics whenever you need some extra running motivation to meet your goals.


Music is a great tool that you can use when you need to feel more motivated to exercise. And, when it comes to running motivation, in particular, the right songs playing through your portable music player can really get you going strong.

You can vary the music that you play during your run. You might, for example, start off with something mid-tempo to get you warmed up before following that up with some more aggressive, fast-paced music, like hard rock. The beats and the lyrics might be just what you need to get that extra boost of energy when you might start feeling tired. And, as your run starts to come to an end, you can bring the tempo back down a bit while still listening to positive music that inspires you to reach the finish line.


The right tech gadgets can be surprisingly motivational. Check out the Runkeeper app, as an example. Simply download it onto your smartphone and let it track all of the most important stats about your run. You can determine how far you have gone, how much more you need to run, and the pace that you are keeping. This is a great way to train, whether you just want to run to get in better shape or you want to be able to get through a marathon someday.


According to The Republic, you can use your own memories to inspire some running motivation when you need it most. Take Adrienne Cantali as an example. She found the inspiration and motivation to run long distances when she remembered her deceased coach’s advice. By running in memory of her coach, she finds the strength and stamina necessary to meet and exceed her goals.

With the right running motivation tools, like music, gadgets, and even the memories in your own mind, you might just find that you are able to go stronger for longer. So, go ahead, give the strategies above a try to see if they can help you reach your goals sooner.