Do you suffer with mood swings? Are you generally always in a bad mood? Well, there are ways to not only elevate your mood, but also keep it positive as well. For example, listening to the right type of music can help change the way that you feel for the better, and exercise is also a fantastic way to get your blood pumping and your feel-good endorphins flowing. But did you know that you can even combine music and exercise to dramatically boost your mood? It’s true! Continue reading to learn how.

Yoga and Relaxing Music Can Help You Reduce Anxiety

One way to combine music and exercise to dramatically boost your mood is by doing yoga and listening to music while you move from one pose to the next, always focusing on proper form and your breath. That’s because a study found that your mood can increase and your anxiety level can decrease when you practice yoga for just 60 minutes at least three days every day.

When you do yoga, your body will experience higher levels of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that can help reduce your anxiety. When you breathe slowly and deeply throughout your poses, you will also increase flow of oxygen throughout the body, and yoga can also promote relaxation in the parasympathetic nervous system. Listening to relaxing music can increase these effects, helping to reduce your stress and uplifting your mood by the time you’re done.

Upbeat Music and Exercise Can Help You Relieve Stress

If you find yourself in a bad mood because of the stress that you are dealing with in your daily life, consider the fact that music and exercise can dramatically boost your mood when they are combined. Upbeat music, particularly when it is played at a high volume, will have an energizing effect on your body, and it can also help increase your motivation to get through a tough workout.

The next time that you need to do some cardio or lift some weights, play your favorite upbeat tunes at a higher volume and let the beat move you as you make your way through your workout routine. In addition to the physical exercise increasing your mood by reducing stress, the music will basically double the effects and help you mentally unwind at the same time.

The next time that you are feeling down, use music and exercise to dramatically boost your mood. You might be surprised by how effective this strategy really is.