Whether you invest in DVDs or stream your favorite workout videos online, these products are a fantastic way to shed excess weight and get in shape without having to join an expensive gym. For those who have a busy schedule or who simply prefer the privacy and comfort that comes with working out at home, workout videos really are the best. But which workout videos contain music that really keeps you going strong? Check out the list below and consider giving these workout routines a try.

Cardio and Martial Arts

If you want to get your heart rate up by working out to workout videos include that music while performing cardio moves inspired by kickboxing or martial arts, check out Billy Blanks’ “Tae Bo” videos. These workouts are a mix of Tae Kwon Do and cardio, and they are certainly challenging but fun. The music that is used, though, is sure to help you keep the appropriate pace to get the best burn.

Dance Moves and Exercise

If martial arts isn’t your thing but dancing is, check out workout videos like “Dance Off the Inches.” This workout video is a lot of fun and very engaging, as it emphasizes learning dance moves and putting them together to perform a routine. As you probably guessed, the music in this video is always upbeat in order to match the movements and keep your heart rate up.

Another option would be a workout routine known as “Cardioke,” which is a really unique way to get strong and lean, regardless of your current fitness level. Basically, you will not only learn dance moves as part of a cardio routine, but you will also be encouraged to sing along to R&B and pop music.

Body Toning Exercises

Would you prefer a workout video that incorporates energizing music with moves that are sure to tone your entire body without having to lift weights? Then definitely consider checking out “Cardio Fitness Party Workout: Burn to the Beat.” This exercise routine is sure to get your blood flowing and your energy up, as it will have you doing everything from jump squats to burpees. And it is a fantastic way to build up your endurance and strength when you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your workouts because it’s a mere 10 minutes long.

When you are searching for fun workout videos that include music that will keep you going to the end, consider giving the options above a try. You might be surprised by the positive impact that the right music can have on your energy level and workout success.