A fierce rock workout playlist could be just what you need to get the energy going and to keep it going strong for any intense workout. Whether you prefer a fun aerobic workout, an exhilarating kickboxing class, or a tough strength training session to burn fat and calories while building strong muscles, the songs below are sure to get you ready to tackle your next challenge. So go ahead and add the following 20 popular rock tracks to your workout playlist and feel the difference that they can make.

1. “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed: This powerful track is fast-paced and aggressive, making it perfect for bringing out your inner beast.

2. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N’ Roses: This is a classic rock song that will never get old, and it is ideal for getting you ready to power through an intense workout routine.

3. “Sleep Now in the Fire” by Rage Against the Machine: This fun, fast-paced track is a must for when you need to get your heart rate up.

4. “Home” by Sevendust: Rock fans will definitely enjoy this groovy track by one of the most popular bands in rock today. It’s hard not to start moving when you get to the chorus.

5. “Cowboys from Hell” by Pantera: If it is aggressive music that you are looking for, then it is Pantera that you need. This track is perfect for strength training, as you can follow the rhythm to make every rep count.

6. “Duality” by Slipknot: The first few seconds are slow, but before you know it, this song picks up the pace and maintains it until the end. It is aggressive and just the right rhythm for running or strength training.

7. “Highway Star” by Type O Negative: This cover of the popular classic rock hit is super fast. You can’t help but feel energized as soon as it comes on. Add it to your playlist for the next time that you’re on the treadmill or the stationary bike.

8. “Pride” by Damageplan: This is yet another strong track that you can listen to whenever you hit the gym and you want to maintain right rhythm for cardio or strength training.

9. “I Stand Alone” by Godsmack: You could turn on an entire Godsmack album and let it power you through your workout, but if you had to pick one song, try “I Stand Alone.”

10. “Replica” by Fear Factory: Fear Factory is another band whose songs can all be used to help you get the most out of an intense workout. “Replica” is just one track of many that you can add to your playlist for great results.

11. “Devour” by Shinedown: If it is a fast paced song that you are looking for, “Devour” will not disappoint. It is hard to move slowly when you are listening to this song’s drums and vocals.

12. “Black Is the Soul” by Korn: This track may not be as fast as some of the others on this list, but it is a strong song that will help you move through every rep of a strong strength training routine.

13. “Psycho” by Puddle of Mudd: A fun track, “Psycho” will help get you moving, but you might even find it hard to get this catchy tune out of your head.

14. “Battering Ram” by Black Label Society: This track starts off with fast instrumentation and a rhythm that will make it impossible to stay seated. Once the fierce vocals kick in, you will be sure to find your inner Wonder Woman or Superman.

15. “Whiplash Pants” by Stone Sour: If you want to take your rock playlist to the next level, add this fast paced track to the mix. You will not be disappointed.

16. “Two Skins” by Soil: This aggressive rock track is sure to help you find your inner strength even on your most tired day. And if you like Soil, check out their other tracks, as they have many that would be ideal for a workout playlist.

17. “What You Deserve” by The Exies: For something melodic, rhythmic, and just plain old good rock and roll, check out this track.

18. “Revelations” by Audioslave: This song isn’t aggressive, but it’s still a great rock song that will motivate you to feel the burn.

19. “Beginning of the End” by Spineshank: This is yet another track that will get you moving from the first notes that are played.

20. “White Knuckles” by Five Finger Death Punch: This song is for the true metal fan who wants a powerful workout playlist.

If rock isn’t really your style, you could always add other energizing songs to your workout playlist. But many people find that rock is the genre that works for them when they want to really feel the power behind their muscles and when they want to energize their minds in anticipation of a strong workout.