Do you like listening to music while you work out? Then you are doing something right. In fact, there are several science-based reasons why you should listen to music during exercise, with or without weight loss pills. Three of them are listed below.

1. Music Can Distract You and Improve Your Performance

You probably listen to music during exercise to distract yourself, but did you know that it could also be working in your favor in other ways? According to a study, music can make you less aware of your exertion during exercise. Because you are distracted in that way, your athletic performance could be increased by 15%, which means your workouts will be even more effective. If you listen to upbeat, fast tracks, your brain will have more to process, so your mind will be distracted even more.

2. Keeping Pace Is Easier with Music

Your workout has a rhythm, but it could be difficult to find and follow that rhythm when you are working out in silence or in the midst of the noise at the gym. When you listen to music, though, the motor area of your brain will be stimulated and your body will instinctually know how to move. Weight lifting and running are both examples of self-paced workouts that can benefit from musical cues. You will use your energy in a more efficient way and maintain a steady and safe pace as you move through your exercises.

3. You Will Want to Work Harder

Finally, when you listen to music during exercise, you could work harder and better than you would otherwise. A study determined that cyclists were able to increase their effort when they exercised while listening to fast-paced songs. Slower paced music did not have the same effect, and songs that were too fast weren’t beneficial either. Stick with songs that have anywhere from 120-140 beats per minute (BPM) to get the best results. Plus, music has the ability to really put your mind and body in the zone, so you will want to get moving and put in the effort to get the most out of every movement during every exercise.

So there you have it: science has proven that music can help you take your workouts to the next level. Go ahead and invest in a portable music player if you don’t already have one, and load it up with your favorite tracks that inspire you to get moving and work hard to meet your goals.