Using music with subliminal messaging for various purposes from weight loss to smoking cessation isn’t anything new.  Scientists and researchers have been studying the unconscious part of our mind for centuries!  That said, just because it has been examined doesn’t mean it has been figured out – or that it’s effective, for that matter.  So, what is it that we actually know about using this type of technique to boost results?

How Does Music with Subliminal Messaging Work?

The idea behind music with subliminal messaging is that it sends stimuli in the form of sounds that are too fast or subtle for most of us to detect in a conscious way.  These sounds remain below human awareness thresholds so that we’re hearing them, and the brain is stimulated by them, but we remain unaware of them as it happens. It’s enough for your brain to detect and react to, but you won’t even realize it as it happens.

This makes this type of strategy a highly appealing way to influence thoughts and behaviors in people in a simple but straight forward way. This is why it has been around for decades in various forms to help people achieve goals such as exercising more or quitting smoking, or even just to bolster self-esteem. Of course, music for subliminal messaging is also available to help support weight loss.

Does it Actually Work?

The quick answer: sometimes. There isn’t very much evidence to support the use of music with subliminal messaging for weight loss.  That said, there is some preliminary research indicating that it is worthwhile to examine it further. It suggests that there could be some benefit to using this technique, even if it is not enough to cause the results to happen on its own.

While some research has indicated that people who listen to music with subliminal messaging find it easier to stick to weight loss efforts such as diet and exercise changes, other studies have indicated that there isn’t any measurable difference. 

Some researchers have speculated that it may not be the messages themselves that are helping the dieters, but that using this technique could simply serve as a regular reminder of the goal and the importance of keeping up the efforts to reach it.  Regardless of precisely how it is impacting the mind or the motivation, there is a very small body of evidence supporting the need for more research into the use of this technique.

The key is not to think of music with subliminal messaging as a guaranteed solution to your weight loss challenges. If you do choose to use it, think of it merely as one of several tools at your disposal to support you in changing your habits in a positive way.