You’ve probably heard of a lot of different ways that you can increase your body’s ability to lose weight, but did you know that you can even use sound for weight loss? Continue reading to learn more about this topic, and to discover if specific sound frequencies can help you shed stubborn pounds.

Getting to Know Binaural Beats
When it comes to sound for weight loss, it’s all about using what are referred to as binaural beats. These are basically a series of tones or sounds, and they’re played via a pair of headphones so they can be played separately into each of your ears. These beats will activate a variety of centers within your brain, and when those centers are activated, they produce varying effects throughout the body. For example, in addition to boosting weight loss, binaural beats can also be used to provide arthritis relief or to boost mental focus.

How to Make the Most of Binaural Beats
You can find many providers who can supply you with a recording of binaural beats that will assist you on your weight loss journey. Using a good pair of headphones will be essential if you want to achieve great results, and it’s also best if you lie down in a serene space so you can play the recording, close your eyes, and allow the sounds to get to work without you having to do anything at all. Simply adjust your headphones’ volume so the beats are loud enough to hear clearly without bothering you, and let your entire body, as well as your mind, relax while you focus upon the sounds.

Try Isochronic Tones to Lose Weight, Too
In addition to binaural beats, you can also listen to isochronic tones to shed excess pounds with less effort. These are simply the regular beats of one sound, and they’re utilized for brainwave enhancement. Unlike binaural beats, they create the beat outside of your brain, so you won’t need to use headphones. These tones will emit sound at consistent intervals that will excite your thalamus, which will then cause your brain to duplicate the tones’ frequency. This changes your brainwave patterns. When combined with the use of binaural beats, isochronic tones help you can relax, and even naturally change the way that you behave towards food, particularly if you try to boost your mood by eating.

Once you learn about the science behind sound for weight loss, you’ll realize that you can actually use sound to relax and shed pounds. For even faster results, you can use a product like PhenBlue as well.