Music isn’t just a form of entertainment. It can also be an extremely helpful and powerful tool, particularly when it comes to losing weight.


Shake Your Groove Thing and Lose Weight with These Fun Workout Beats

Music can uplift and energize you to get moving even when you’re feeling tired. The right song can get your heart to beat faster as you begin to sway and move to the rhythm. Music could be the key to shaking your groove thing and losing weight, while having a blast.


Fun workouts require fun workout beats that are sure to get you moving, burn calories and fat, and slim you down for amazing results. But what songs should you load onto your music playing device? Check out the options below to start creating a workout playlist that’s sure to please.


The Best Songs for Strength Training


Music can definitely get you pumped and ready to lift the heaviest weights during your strength training routine, especially if you incorporate some of the following songs:


· Judas Priest: “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin”
· Velvet Revolver: “Set Me Free”
· In This Moment: “Sick Like Me”
· DJ Snake and Lil Jon: “Turn Down for What”
· Skrillex: “Recess”


The Best Songs for Cardio Routines


Fun workout beats can also be used to keep you going during the hardest interval training and endurance routines. Get your heart rate going strong with these tunes:


· Muse: “Hysteria”
· David Guetta: “Memories”
· Five Finger Death Punch: “Under and Over It”
· Lady Gaga: “Applause”
· Kanye West: “Stronger”


The Best Songs for Yoga and Stretching Days


To get and stay in shape, it’s all about balance, so there are certain workout days during which you should be focused on stretching your muscles, such as by doing yoga. The songs that can be perfect for these workouts include:


· Coldplay: “Fix You”
· Enya: “Watermark”
· Jack Johnson: “Times Like These”
· Deva Premal and Miten: “Strong My Roots”
· Ben Lee: “Begin”


The Best Songs for Running and Cycling


If running and cycling are your thing, check out these tunes to keep you moving:


· OneRepublic: “Love Runs Out”
· Kylie Minogue: “Get Out of My Way”
· Katy Perry: “Part of Me”
· Survivor: “Eye of the Tiger”
· Iron Maiden: “Run to the Hills”


These are just a few of the many fun workout beats that you can program into your playlist for every type of workout routine that you enjoy throughout the week. Choose songs that you really love listening to so you can use them to get and stay motivated during even the toughest workout routines.