There is no doubt that there is a connection between music and the ability to boost weight loss. It is for good reason that you see people at the gym listening to music. The same goes for those who have their headphones on when jogging or running in the park. However, when it comes to exercise, the mantra is the faster the beat, the quicker you will go. Can relaxing music help with weight loss as well?

On the surface, you might assume the question is futile. If you are working out and a slow song comes on, the tempo of your workout is likely to drop, even if you are not consciously doing so. The reason is that your mind enters a state of calm and relaxation upon hearing relaxing music and you cannot expect to put in intense effort into your workout while doing so. So, the obvious answer to the aforementioned question is no, i.e. relaxing music cannot boost weight loss.

However, this is not exactly the case. You have to look beyond exercise when thinking of weight loss. Granted that exercise is perhaps the most important factor behind effective weight loss, but on its own, it cannot deliver the goods. You have to combine regular exercise with proper sleeping and a healthy diet to see results, and this is where relaxing music comes in.

Firstly, research has proven that the tempo of the music you are listening to when eating determines the speed at which you eat. So, if you are listening to relaxing music, you will eat slowly. This means you will chew your food properly. This leads to two outcomes. First off, by chewing properly, you ensure the food will be digested easily, which means the calories won’t be stored as fat, and also your system will be able to absorb the nutrients from the food you ate. This will bolster your metabolism, as a result of which your body will burn calories faster, even at rest, which will boost weight loss.

Secondly, listening to relaxing music will induce peaceful and relaxing sleep. This will improve the quality of sleep you get, which means you will wake up feeling fresh and have more energy to expend. The outcome of this is you can easily get through your workout without feeling depleted. Moreover, as your body is well rested, your mood will be better and you will be motivated despite the constant calorie burn.
So, as you can see, relaxing music can boost weight loss, just not directly.