Do you need an extra boost of energy during your workout routine? Are you currently exercising without listening to any music, and you’re finding that you struggle to get through your reps or your cardio routine? Then it is time to create a workout playlist that has upbeat, fast tempo songs. These are sure to help you get in the right frame of mind for a tough workout that will have you burning fat and calories in no time.

Pro tip: When you do put your playlist together, J Lo should be on it. After all, you’ve likely read about J Lo weight loss over the years, so why not use her music to inspire yourself to slim down too?

Consider Adding J Lo Weight Loss Songs to Your Playlist

Why is J Lo one of the artists that you should definitely consider adding to your workout playlist? Well, her tunes are perfect for getting your body moving and dancing, which is why you often hear them being played on the radio and at the club. Whether you listen to the music on your headphones or you work out at home and play the music using your stereo, this singer has what it takes to get you in the mood to move.

What Are Some J Lo Weight Loss Songs to Consider?

According to, there are a lot of J Lo songs that are perfect for runners, so we think they can also work wonders when you are hoping to get motivated for any cardio routine, such as when you’re on the elliptical or on an exercise bike.

Here is a list of J Lo weight loss songs to help you get started, but feel free to add whatever songs you like best from this dynamic and exciting artist who has been around for many years and has a long list of tunes to choose from.

  • Waiting for Tonight – 125 beats per minute
  • Charge Me Up – 130 beats per minute
  • On the Floor – 130 beats per minute
  • Let’s Get Loud – 131 beats per minute
  • Papi – 120 beats per minute
  • Walking on Sunshine – 144 beats per minute
  • Jenny from the Block – 125 beats per minute
  • Ain’t It Funny – 100 beats per minute
  • Dance Again – 128 beats per minute
  • Live It Up – 128 beats per minute
  • I’m Into You – 168 beats per minute
  • Goin’ In – 130 beats per minute

There you have it: some faster paced songs by Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a. J Lo, that you can add to your workout playlist to make it a little more fun.