Do you want to change up your playlist so that you can feel even more motivated to tackle a great workout? Then it is time to consider musical theater workout songs. Yes, you read that right. Musical theater is a genre of music that has a surprising number of energizing songs that will make you feel inspired and ready to move your body.

What are some of the best musical theater workout songs to boost your playlist? Check out the list below to get started. According to Hiskind, these are tracks that you should definitely consider when you want to get yourself pumped for a solid workout.

School of Rock

One of the best soundtracks to start with is the School of Rock musical soundtrack, especially if you are a fan of rock music to get you going. Anthems that are sure to get you moving and pushing through a tough workout include “When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock” and Stick It to the Man.”


You have likely already heard all of the positive reviews of the Hamilton musical. Or, if you have actually seen it for yourself, you probably fell in love with the music. So, why not add some of the songs to your workout playlist? When it comes to musical theater workout songs, it is hard to beat songs like “My Shot,” especially when you are in need of a boost of endurance.

Legally Blonde

The fun musical, Legally Blonde, is another great soundtrack to choose when you want to revamp your workout playlist. Consider adding tracks like “Bend and Snap” and “Whipped into Shape.”

With these musical theater workout songs, you can take your workouts to the next level. If you have gotten tired of your current playlist and you are looking for something a little bit different, definitely give these songs a try the next time you hit the gym.