There are a lot of workout routines that you can choose from, and amongst those workout options, you also have quite a few choices when it comes to cardio exercises, in particular. A couple of the most popular forms of cardio are running and dancing. But, when it comes to running vs. dancing for weight loss, which one wins?

Calories Burned While Running for Weight Loss

Whenever you are doing cardio, your goal will be to burn more calories and fat so that you can start to slim down. Therefore, when comparing running to dancing for weight loss, you need to consider how many calories, on average, each of these workouts could help you burn.

The number of calories that you could end up burning while going for a run will depend upon the length of the workout, how intense it is, and how much you weigh. For example, if you weigh around 155 pounds, you could burn nearly 300 calories if you run for 30 minutes at a pace of around 5 mph. If you up the intensity and you go for a 6 mph run for 30 minutes, you could burn nearly 400 calories instead. And, if you can manage to run at a pace of 7.5 mph for the same amount of time, you could be burning nearly 500 calories. Impressive, right?

Based on these stats, it appears that, if you want to make the most of your run, you should go as fast as you can, and for as long as you can. While running slowly will help burn calories, running faster will require your body to use even more calories for energy.

Calories Burned While Dancing for Weight Loss

When it comes to dancing for weight loss, the same rules apply as when you go for a run. Intensity and duration, as well as your weight, will factor into how many calories you can burn.

If you do a slower dance style, you could burn a little over 100 calories in a half hour if you weigh around 155 pounds, as an example. On the other hand, if you stick with faster dance routines that get your heart rate up even more, you could burn over 200 calories in the same amount of time.


Overall, it appears that both dancing for weight loss and running for weight loss are great ideas. You could do a little bit of both to reap the benefits of both of these workout routines, but the key will be to perform these exercises at the greatest intensity that you are comfortable with. Pushing your body, without going past your limits, is the key to increasing the calorie and fat burning to get results.