When you pack your gym bag for the first time, a workout gear for beginners list can be a big help. After all, if you’re not sure what you need to bring with you, a few helpful hints can go a long way. We here at Audio Factor always suggest a workout playlist be the top priority for your workouts, but there is more to a great fitness routine than listening to motivating tunes. 

It’s certainly true that the items you’ll need will depend on what you actually plan to do while you’re there. However, there are certain items that are great to have with you regardless of whether you plan to attend a zumba class, lift weights, or spend your entire time on the treadmill. You may think you just need to dress right and throw on some shoes. However, once you get to the gym, you’ll realize there’s more to it.

Workout Gear for Beginners Heading to the Gym

If you’ve never been much for exercising, you likely haven’t had to think much about the practical side of your clothing and shoes. What you wear depends on your activity. For instance, if you’re running, you’ll want a shirt that will breathe well and help you to stay cool. You will also want it to prevent moisture buildup against your skin.

That same shirt might not work for your yoga class. One of the biggest mistakes made in workout gear for beginners is thinking that just because it works for one activity, it will work for another. That favorite shirt for running may be too breezy for your yoga class. The first time you bend into a downward-facing dog, your shirt will fall up over your head. Likely not the result you want!

The same goes for your shoes. If you plan to run, you’ll want shoes meant for that. Cross-trainers may be better for multiple activities at the gym. For additional advice about the shoes you should wear, visit a good athletic shoe store and ask a knowledgeable salesperson.

What Workout Gear for Beginners Should Go in Your Bag?

Regardless of the type of exercises you plan to do, there are certain items that you’ll appreciate having in your bag. Consider the following products and how they’ll help to improve either your workout itself or the experience at the gym as a whole.

Fitness tracker 

Whether you have an actual smartwatch with apps or a dedicated fitness tracker, this type of wearable device can be a wonderful tool and motivator. In fact, many people consider it the best workout gear for beginners you can get your hands on. Not only does it provide you with information about what you’ve done in a given exercise or day, but it also provides you with trends. It lets you know your strengths and weaknesses and holds you accountable for how active – or sedentary – you are. When it comes to the gym, it lets you measure your performance.

A supportive sports bra for gals 

 If you think a sports bra is nothing more than a piece of clothing, then you’ve never had a good quality sports bra. This is the type of workout gear for beginners that people get wrong more often than not. All too frequently, people make choices based on the look or the price of the sports bra. Instead, it’s very important to choose one based on fit, comfort and support level. When you find the right one, you’ll realize why it is exceptionally important to getting the most out of your workout.

Muscle supporting snacks 

Whether you plan to go straight home from the gym after you exercise, or you have a number of errands to run, it’s important to eat. This makes the right healthy, high protein snacks a good idea to include within your workout gear for beginners. Look for options that are high in proteins and with some quality carbs, without giving you a huge dose of sugar and chemicals at the same time.

  • Energizing supplements
  • If you are new to working out, it can be a struggle to get through an exercise routine. For this reason, a good quality fitness supplement can be a vital component to your workout essentials. 

An effective deodorant 

When you head to the gym, any good workout is going to make you sweat. It can’t be avoided. But you can help to make sure that you’re doing your best not to offend everyone within sniffing distance. When you pack your gym bag, don’t forget to include a good deodorant. A growing number of gym goers are choosing to skip antiperspirants. Those typically contain aluminum and, when it all comes down to it, they’re not going to make much of a difference when the rest of your body is covered in sweat. Instead, a deodorant without harmful chemicals treats your skin nicely without leaving offending unpleasant odors behind. Make sure to add this to your workout gear for beginners list.

Headphones (and spares) 

Most people wouldn’t know how to get through their workout at the gym without a great playlist. Alternately, they at least want to be able to hear the TVs if their gym provides them. For that, you’ll usually need headphones. Forgetting them can be disastrous to your experience. Make sure you have your main pair, but add a spare set – even if it’s a cheap and low quality pair of ear buds – to be sure you won’t need to go without if you forget your favorite ones or if the good ones stop working.

Extra underwear and socks 

While you likely know that your workout gear for beginners will include the right pants or shorts and top, don’t forget to pack extra underwear and socks for yourself. That way, you’ll always have something clean to put on after you exercise. The last thing you want to do is have to wear your regular clothes out of the gym, with sweaty underwear and socks against your skin. That habit can place you at risk of all sorts of different types of skin issues that are easily avoided by having fresh under-things in your gym bag.

Water bottle 

A durable water bottle that you find easy to use and that holds the right amount of water will be very important to your exercise experience. As hydration is vital to your health and exercise performance, it should be included on any workout gear for beginners list. While plastic may be an automatic first choice for you because it is inexpensive and doesn’t break easily, but it’s important to make sure you get one specifically labeled as being BPA free if you do. Moreover, when using plastic, it’s likely best to fill it at the last minute instead of drinking water that has been in it all day. Alternately, stainless steel options are also durable but help to keep plastic chemicals out of the water you’re drinking. Some people don’t like drinking from metal. In those cases, you might like a glass water bottle that has a silicone sleeve to help protect it from strikes and dings if it’s dropped or bumped.

Shower shoes 

If you plan to use the shower at the gym because you’re not going directly home afterward, you’ll not only want to make sure you have your cleansers, washcloth and towels with you, but shower shoes, too. Keep this with your workout gear for beginners and keep your feet safer from plantars warts, athlete’s foot and other foot-based contagions you’ll be better off avoiding. These don’t need to be brand named or expensive. They just need to fit your feet and help you not to slip on wet tile. Even if they’re thin, they’ll do if they’re not slippery because all you need is a barrier between your feet and whatever other people’s feet have left behind.


Don’t forget that unless you want to carry everything with you the entire time, then you will need a lock to keep safe all that workout gear for beginners you’ve carefully packed into your bag! A sturdy combination lock is best so you don’t have to keep track of a key.

We can’t provide you with any of the actual workout gear for beginners, but we can offer you the following must-have workout playlists! You are sure to find something perfect for your first gym going experience from the workout playlists below: