After a long, dark, and cold winter, you are probably ready to get out there and start getting active again. To help you generate the energy to keep moving, whether you are heading outside for a run or you are making it a point to spend more time at the gym, consider creating a new workout music playlist spring 2018. Add your favorite songs, along with the tracks below, to help you feel the motivation to get a strong workout in every time.

Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow: This is considered one of the most popular workout songs in the United States. Why not add it to your playlist too?

Marshmello’s Alone: From the moment you turn this song on, you will be uplifted by its fast and happy tempo, so it is perfect for any workout routine.

Eminem’s Till I Collapse: Eminen has a great ability to get you pumped, so consider adding this track to your workout music playlist spring 2018.

Post Malone’s Rockstar: To get your workout started right, consider turning this track on first.

Migos’ MotorSport: Fun songs are sure to keep you moving, so definitely add this track to your playlist to.

Kendrick Lamar’s DNA: To make the most of every exercise in your routine, keep your muscles going strong with this track.

Jamie Foxx’s Winner: This song has super motivating lyrics that tell you that you are a winner. What more could you need to get through a strong workout routine, right?

Robyn’s Dancing on My Own: A mid-tempo track, this one is perfect for any strength training routine.

Imagine Dragon’s Thunder: With the right tempo, you could get through the toughest strength training or cardio session, and this song will help you get to the finish line.

Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry: This is yet another popular track that even experts recommend adding to your workout music playlist spring 2018.

Go-Eazy’s No Limit: With a title like “No Limit,” you are sure to reach your potential because you will be reminded that you have no limits and you could achieve whatever you want at the gym and beyond.

With this handy workout music playlist spring 2018, you can help ensure that you will always be ready to tackle your workouts, even on your most tired days, especially if you combine the music with diet pills that provide an energy boost. After all, research has shown that listening to fast-paced music could make you feel more mentally alert and more energized physically. So get out there and have fun while getting fit!