When you go to a restaurant, you are likely to hear some music playing in the background. And you might even like playing some music at home during dinner. But is there a connection between background music and appetite that you should know about if you are trying to lose weight by curbing your appetite and keeping your portions under control? It turns out that a few studies have revealed some very interesting facts about this topic, and you can learn a bit about it below.

Music Can Influence Your Perception of Food

Some evidence has shown that the music you listen to while you are enjoying a meal could actually influence your perception of the food, as well as the wine, that you are going to enjoy.

For example, if you were to listen to a song that has higher notes that are played by a piano or flutes, you might associate your food with sweetness. On the other hand, you might think of bitterness when you are listening to music that is deeper while you eat. So if you want to perceive your food in a more positive way, playing songs that have higher tones could be the way to go.

Music Could Make You Eat Faster

Another way that background music and appetite are connected has to do with the speed of the songs that you are listening to and the speed at which you eat.

If you were to eat at a restaurant that was playing fast music loudly, it could subconsciously tell you that you are under pressure and you need to eat your meal more quickly. This could cause you to be less able to actually enjoy the food. However, fast music has also been shown to suppress a person’s appetite, so less food will be consumed too. Therefore, if you want to eat less overall, you might consider playing some of your favorite fast-paced songs while enjoying your meals at home. On the other hand, if you want to really sit and enjoy your meal and eat slowly and deliberately, you might want to play slower paced tunes like classical music.

Basically, in addition to affecting your mood, background music can have an effect upon how much you eat and how quickly you eat it. Once you realize that there is a connection between background music and appetite, you can begin using this to your advantage, and it can also help you understand why you might feel rushed to finish your meal at certain restaurants or totally relaxed in others.