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Are you looking for the diet pill that will help support your efforts to lose weight in a way that sets you up for success and that you can obtain over the counter? If you are, then you'll be well advised to take a moment to discover what PhenBlue is all about and what it can do for your weight loss efforts. This is an over the counter tablet that is among the best options as an alternative for those that do not meet the requirements for Phentermine 37.5 mg. PhenBlue is not a prescription drug. It is a dietary supplement available over-the-counter. Have a look at what this unique product is all about.


To understand why PhenBlue is a diet pill that can help support your efforts to lose weight, have a look at the benefits of this formula:

  • Manufactured in the USA with premium quality ingredients 
  • Powerful diet support so you can focus on a healthy eating strategy.
  • Amplified thermogenic effects to support your body's healthy metabolic function. 
  • Supercharged energy levels so you can explode through your workouts at full power and avoid being held back by fatigue
  • Promotes improved focus so that you'll remain driven to keep up with your promises to yourself, even in the face of your most challenging temptations.

Using PhenBlue Diet Pills

After reviewing the reasons why PhenBlue has what it takes to help support your efforts to reach your weight loss goals, it's clear that this is a product that has been developed for anyone that wishes to have a fat fighting edge. The USA based company, Intechra Health ( has included only ingredients within this product that have been shown to offer support dieters are looking for in order to overcome their struggles with eating healthy and working out consistently.

Even though you are likely to feel the effects of these diet pills quickly after they are taken, if you are truly looking for lasting results when it comes to your weight, you'll have to make lifestyle changes that last. These include a calorie-appropriate diet for your target weight and regular exercise to help you burn calories and reduce body fat. PhenBlue has been formulated to give you a boost when it comes to overcoming these obstacles. With the mental focus and energy boosing offered in this product, you have an incredible opportunity to develop the healthy habits required for a slimmer you.

Armed with PhenBlue and this type of complete weight loss plan, you'll be able to shed those excess pounds through the healthy and steady approach. You'll start to see the difference that these pills make quickly after taking your first dose.

How Phenblue Compares to Phentermine 37.5mg

On your search for the very best diet pill available, you'll very likely come across the prescription option, Phentermine 37.5. You might want to compare PhenBlue and Phentermine 37.5, but the truth is that they are very different diet pills. PhenBlue is an over-the-counter dietary supplement with ingredients to support you as you take steps to lose weight. Phentermine is a prescription drug with an ingredient that causes an anorexiant effect. This means that PhenBlue gives you the focus to stay on track with your diet and energy to keep up with workouts, while Phentermine gives you appetite suppression. 

PhenBlue is meant for those struggling to lose weight that fall within the overweight category, while Phentermine is only prescribed to those in the obese category. Using PhenBlue is a great way to compliment your diet plan and workout routine without resorting to powerful drugs that may not be possible for you to obtain from a doctor. To determine which one of these diet pills is right for you, it is important to speak with your doctor to understand your own personal health goals and to discuss your options. If your BMI falls below the obesity level, which is 30 or above, you may qualify for prescription Phentermine. Those with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 might discover that they are better off using an OTC product instead. 

Taking either of these pills will not solve weight loss struggles on their own. You will need to combine the use of Phentermine or PhenBlue with increased physical activity and a reduced calorie diet plan in order to find success with these pills. Neither of these products will cause weight loss without making changes to your daily life. 

While both of these diet pills are meant to support your efforts to lose weight, who they are for and what they do exactly is quite different. The most important detail to consider, however, is in how they compare. You won't find either of these diet pills effective on their own. They must be combined diet and exercise to be a part of a successful weight loss program. These new, healthier habits must also be maintained after the use of these pills to maintain your weight loss results.  

If you find that you are ready to take the steps necessary to reach your weight loss goals, calculate your BMI to determine whether PhenBlue or Phentermine 37.5 will be the route you take. Schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss your decision and come up with a strategy that works best for you. 

If you have already taken Phentermine and are looking for something to take now that you've dropped below the weight requirements for that drug, PhenBlue may be the best option for you.