Learning how music fights depression can be huge. Depression isn’t just a matter of feeling blue. It’s an actual mental health condition that impacts millions of people every year, and it will touch a sizeable percentage of the population at some time or another during their lives.

There are many different things that people can do to help them overcome this very difficult emotional battle. That said, there is no single cure or trick that will reverse the effects of the condition either. It takes a number of different influences and efforts.

One tool that you can use to combat your feelings of depression is music. If you already love listening to music, this is probably great news. However, the key is to discover exactly how music can fight depression. That way, you can use music effectively to lift your spirits. To help you get started, we cover the basics below.

Did You Know That Sometimes Listening to Music Fights Depression?

According to Thrive Global, music can be a soothing and healing therapy for people with depression. Just as it can help make your housecleaning more tolerable, and help you power you through that extra five minutes of your workout, music can fight depression too. It’s true!

How Good Music Fights Depression 

Music is a magical thing. It can bring about any human emotion, depending on the tune, the lyrics, and the unique impact that a song has on an individual. For people with depression, these sweet audio patterns can help them break out of the deafening silence, and music can bring brain patterns back into a better place.

Music won’t miraculously cure depression, but it can help make the days easier, and it can infuse some pleasant moments into each day. The more pleasantness a person can experience each day, the easier it will be to find the motivation to tackle what life has in store.

How to Use Music to Fight Depression 

To use music to fight depression, avoid the tendency to listen to depressing songs that will reflect your negative mood. The point is not to express what is currently being felt; it is to infuse a more positive feeling into the mind.

Stick with music that is inspiring, empowering, and happy. Choose songs that you like listening to, no matter what your personal taste is. The simple act of listening to this type of music can have an immediate impact on your perspective, mood, and motivation.

Here Are Some Songs to Consider

Now that you know that music can fight depression, you might be wondering what some of the best songs are to lift you out of a dark place. Here are some songs that people have recommended because they felt better after listening to them:

Bon Jovi – “Army of One”

Demi Lovato – “Nightingale”

Evanescence – “Oceans”

Breaking Benjamin – “Dear Agony”

Linkin Park – “What I’ve Done”

This is just a sampling of the songs that you can consider adding your favorite playlist so you can have them ready when you start feeling down or you are already feeling depressed. But, again, it is up to you to decide which songs you want to listen to when you need your mood to be lifted. There are no wrong answers; you just need to pick and choose the songs that make you feel good, that remind you of your power, and that help you harness that all-important attitude of gratitude for the positive things in your life.

Can’t Get Your Depression Under Control? Talk to a Doctor

Even though music can help fight depression, and work wonderfully for some people who are dealing with sadness, it might not work for everyone, and it might not work every time you start to feel sadness setting in. For these reasons, it is also important to note that, sometimes, the best route to take to treat your depression involves seeing a doctor for advice and guidance on the optimal treatments and strategies that you can use to find a state of balance. So, if you are trying to use music to fight depression and you aren’t feeling better, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional who can help you get on track.

Ready to Use Music to Fight Depression? Great! 

Now that you know that music can fight depression, if you’re hoping to use music to combat your sad feelings, carefully choose songs that will help you feel better. Be experimental, and listen to many different kinds of music, paying attention to the way that the various genres make you feel. Sing or hum along with the songs, too, if you can. And, if you have trouble finding the right tracks, there are music therapists who can help.