Do you love listening to music? Well, there’s some good news for you: music improves health in many ways! Discover what the experts have to say about the benefits of music by reading the information below.

Improvements in Cognitive Function and a Reduction in Stress

One of the most interesting ways that music improves health is by positively affecting your brain. According to experts at Harvard, listening to the right music can help improve your cognitive performance.

Beyond helping your brain function improve, however, music can also help when it comes to reducing stress—and we all know how hard it is to concentrate and get things done when we’re stressed out! In fact, experts have found that listening to music can even help keep stress levels lower amongst patients undergoing a procedure like cataract surgery.

The Effects of Music on Your Muscles

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably listen to some energizing music when you are exercising because you find that doing so helps give you the motivation and energy to get started, and to keep going strong to the very end of your workout routine.

When experts decided to see the differences in the effects of various genres of music on athletes, they found that the right music might be able to help people when they are weight lifting or when they are doing something that requires endurance, such as running or walking on a treadmill. This is just another way that music improves health, but you need to put the time and effort in to complete those workouts in the first place!

Improvements in Your Overall Mood

Whether you are feeling frazzled or feeling down, the right music can help lift your spirits, regardless of your age. You might find that music makes you feel more alert and energized, and if you are feeling depressed, it might be just what you need to begin feeling better.

Plus, if you want to relax or you want to sleep better, relaxing songs might help put your mind at ease. And, if it’s pain that’s getting you down, a study found that people who suffered with chronic pain felt relief after listening to music. Wow!

It’s clear to see that music improves health in various ways, so if you love listening to music or being a musician, keep going. You are doing much more than entertaining yourself when you turn on the radio and play your favorite tunes.