Luxury vacation trends have been changing over the last few years. Not too long ago, they were focused around the spa experience, escaping your life at home to be pampered every minute of every day. That was certainly relaxing for many, but now travelers are seeking something different.

Today, luxury vacation trends are taking a different direction. People are still seeking an escape, but not into a fantasy world of pampering. Instead, many want to head away into an experience based in reality. They want to see the part of the world they’re visiting, not just isolate themselves into a tiny choreographed part of it.

Check Out These Luxury Vacation Trends that Can Be Healthy for You

The hottest luxury vacation trends make Mexico a top spot to visit. Find out what people are doing there to enjoy improved health and wellness while thoroughly enjoying their memorable experience.

  • Staying at a boutique luxury villa rental – Staying at a boutique luxury villa rental is a favorite form of accommodation in 2019. Mexico is among the world leaders in this leading option among luxury vacation trends. Choosing the right villa will let you stay on an oceanfront location with its own piece of beach. It will make sure you can leave the housework behind for your entire stay and it may even provide you with a personal chef who will prepare healthy traditional local meals from fresh ingredients. It gives you all the luxury you want with privacy as well.
  • Do what the locals do – Instead of staying on a resort – which can be lots of fun – a safe state such as Nayarit provides ample opportunity for luxury accommodations but that let you live among the locals in Mexico. Enjoy towns that aren’t full of tourists, restaurants where locals eat and the cultural attractions that mean the most to the region. Enjoy adventures and fascinating experiences that allow you to discover the real place where you will be staying.
  • Be well – Eat healthy but delicious food. Get active. Sleep restfully. Meditate and stretch. One of the best luxury vacation trends for your health has to do with wellness. This doesn’t mean that you have to feel like you’re on a strict diet. Instead, let your wellness help lead your adventures. Go to historic sites where you will be able to hike the area and discover it for yourself. Eat in places that cook local meals from local fresh ingredients for an explosion of flavor that is packed with nutrition. You’ll find that when you choose the right location, this travel trend will come very easily to you and be extremely enjoyable, too.