Did you know that playing music is good for your health? It’s true! In addition to being a lot of fun, and a fabulous creative outlet that you can use whenever you want, learning a musical instrument can have an impact on your body and overall wellness as well. Check out the list below to discover 10 of the ways that playing music is good for your health.

Discover How Music is Good for Your Health

Find out just how music is good for your health and how you can get the most out of each part of its impact. Remember that music affects your wellness far more than just its impact on your ears.

1. It Helps You Manage Time Better

Do you tend to get stressed out because you are disorganized, or you fail to manage your time well? Then learning how to play an instrument might help, as you will be required to not only put aside time to practice regularly, but you’ll also learn about keeping time to a rhythm. This is just one of many ways that music is good for your health.

2. It Helps Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination

According to Effective Music Teaching, music is good for your health because it can help improve your coordination. After all, as you read the notes on a page, your brain will have to translate that information into hand movements.

3. It Can Improve Your Reading Skills

Experts have found that kids who study music and play a musical instrument tend to perform better when it comes to showcasing their reading skills, particularly when compared to kids who don’t participate in music programs. So, by learning how to play music, you might find that your reading comprehension skills also improve.

4. It Can Boost Your Math Skills

If you hope to improve your math skills, learning a musical instrument might be a good way to go. After all, music is all about rhythm, about learning how to play notes according to the time signature on a piece of music in order for it to make sense, and about playing in time with other musicians if you are a part of a band. This all boils down to math, so playing music can help you if you struggle with math.

5. It Improves Your Concentration

Yet another reason why playing music is good for your health is because it can help boost your concentration. There are so many things that you need to think about when playing an instrument, as you need to read the notes on a sheet, play the notes according to the rhythm, and really focus on what you are doing without getting distracted.

6. It Can Boost Your Listening Skills

Playing music also requires that you really listen, not only to the notes that you are playing, but also to the notes that your bandmates are playing if you are a part of a group. This can translate to you becoming a better and more attentive listener in other areas of your life.

7. It Can Improve Your Breathing

Music is good for your health, whether you play the piano with your hands or a trumpet with your breath. If you do end up playing an instrument that requires the breath, though, your respiratory health can improve because you will need to learn how to control and use your breath to create the music that you’ll be playing.

8. It Can Improve Your Memory

Your brain really benefits from listening to music and playing a musical instrument. Yet another way that your health can improve by embracing music and taking it on as a hobby is: it can improve your memory. Learning how to play an instrument requires that you remember where to place your hands and learning how to read sheet music requires that you remember what the symbols on the page stand for. Finally, when you memorize a piece of music, you are also further refining your ability to remember details.

9. It Improves Your Social Skills

Playing with a band, or even just working with a music teacher, is a great way to improve your social skills and the way that you work as part of a team. This can translate to other areas of life where you need to collaborate with others, such as at school and at work.

10. It Can Help Reduce Your Stress Level

Finally, music is good for your health because it can help reduce your stress level. Even when you listen to music, you can feel yourself unwinding. But, when you play an instrument and you really allow yourself to become immersed in the experience, you will likely find that this is a wonderful form of therapy.

See How Music is Good for Your Health? Get the Most from It!

Now that you know that playing music is good for your health, you might want to consider taking some music lessons for an instrument that you are interested in, or you might encourage your kids to do so. And, if you already play a musical instrument and you have been neglecting it, you might want to start up again by playing more often. If you already play music regularly, rest assured that you are doing great things for your health, so keep going!