Yoga music isn’t only just for when you are doing yoga. In fact, listening to some relaxing and soothing yoga music when it’s time to hit the sack for the night might even help support the health of your heart. Who knew?!

Here’s the Research

Researchers at HG SMS Hospital, Jaipur discovered that playing some yoga music before you go to bed might help reduce anxiety and support heart health, according to News 18. Although the experts carried out a small-scale study, they wanted to discover how the music could affect someone’s heart rate, and they managed to get a clear answer.

The study involved 149 healthy people, and their average age was 26. Over the course of three nights, they would listen to yoga music, pop music, and silence before going to sleep. The results? Heart rate variability went up while the participants listened to the yoga music, but it decreased with the pop music and didn’t really change much with the silence. This suggests that yoga music can have positive effects on the heart because low heart rate variability comes with a greater risk of suffering from a cardiovascular event.

Other Positive Effects of Listening to Yoga Music

The researchers also discovered that the participants who listened to yoga music before bed felt less anxious. After listening to this music, their anxiety dropped significantly, but it went up significantly if they listened to pop music instead, and it also increased when they only had silence. Plus, in addition to feeling less anxious, the participants who listened to the yoga music said that they felt a lot more positive when they listened to that music rather than the pop music.

Overall, this research is promising because it shows that music therapy can be used in a variety of ways to help treat anxiety and improve heart health. It is clear to see, however, that the type of music that experts choose to use on their patients can have a profound impact as well, with yoga music leading the way as a top choice for those who suffer with anxiety and who want to keep heart problems at bay.

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