The right music can help clear your mind and relax you, and a zen yoga music playlist might be just what you need after a stressful day. We’ve compiled a few songs that you can add to your personal zen yoga music playlist, so consider the tracks below to get started.

1. “Daily Living” by Ryan Richko is an 18-minute track that is perfect for sitting and meditating for a bit, whether you prefer a breath meditation, a loving-kindness meditation, or a mantra meditation.

2. “Lila” by Thomas Barquee is a really relaxing, slow-tempo track with soothing vocals. It’s perfect for your bedtime playlist to help relax your mind.

3. “The Song of the Butterfly” by Estas Tonne is a great instrumental track that incorporates a variety of instruments and is dynamic and flowing, making it perfect for some vinyasa yoga.

4. “Monastery Path” by Massage Tribe combines wind chimes with flutes and other relaxing sounds to create a healing and calming atmosphere that is ideal for a yoga or meditation practice, or simply lying in your bathtub at night to relax your cares away.

5. “Bliss” by Sacred Earth is another instrumental track that features clean and classical instrumentation that will bring you back to Mother Nature and to your peaceful inner self.

6. “Sa Ta Na Ma” by Rafael Emanuel Ran is a kirtan track that is ideal for meditation. Known as the Kirtan Kriya, this meditative practice has actually been studied, and experts have found that it can help improve brain health. But, even if you just listen to it, it will help put you into a zen state of mind.

7. “Dreamcatcher” by Kamal is the perfect track to end any hectic day, and it is also a wonderful track to play while you are moving through a yoga flow. Natural sounds are combined with soothing instruments to help take you to another state of mind.

When you’re working on putting together your zen yoga music playlist, you will quickly realize that there are a lot of tracks to choose from. Whether you want to just relax, perform a sweet little meditation, or practice yoga, these songs for your zen yoga music playlist will help you achieve any of those goals.