Get ready for the best songs to add to your motivation playlist to make sure you can build yourself up for virtually anything. Whether you struggle to get pumped for work during your morning drive, or you feel like you just can’t face that workout today, playing these tunes will help to get you there.

Using Your Motivation Playlist to Its Fullest

The key is to create your motivation playlist before you need it. That way, all you need to do is press ‘play’, and you’ll have everything you need to build yourself up and be ready to face whatever is ahead of you. 

These are far from the only songs you can add to your motivation playlist, of course.  These are just a start.  Get going with these tunes and as you find more songs that pump you up, add them!  Your list will be ever improving and evolving, so you’ll always have what you need to start the day, get yourself over a slump, or even just to get up and move when the afternoon seems to be dragging just a bit too much.

Add These to Your Motivation Playlist

Add these songs to your motivation playlist and get ready to feel charged up and energized for the day.

1 – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – by Kelly Clarkson

This power song is perfect to start any motivation playlist. It will get you out of bed in the morning, drive you to do a cardio workout, or power you up before a big meeting.  When you listen to it, you’ll feel like you’ve always got what it takes to keep fighting and keep achieving.

2 – Get Up Stand Up – by Bob Marley

If there’s anything this tune can tell you is that it’s not over. Keep going! You’ll definitely want to get up, stand up and get yourself through your day, your workout, or even that family gathering you’ve been dreading!

3 – It’s My Life – Jon Bon Jovi

It’s your life, and it’s now or never, so stop putting things off and get moving! It’s time to get things done!

4 – Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

On those days when you feel like a potato on the outside and a failure on the inside, this is the song to play, full blast, while you sing with it.  Your imaginary concerts in the shower will only power up with this song added to your motivation playlist.

5 – Fight Song – Rachel Platten

If there’s anything you want to be shouting out behind the steering wheel while you’re caught in traffic on your way into a long day of work, then this is it.  Get yourself ready for when you step out into the parking lot and march yourself into a new day on the job.  You’ll be charged up and ready to get everything done, no matter what they throw your way.