Maintaining a stable and happy mood can be difficult as you work on getting through your responsibilities on the job and at home. But as you move through your day, did you know that you can use music to improve your mood?

The truth is that there’s a link between music and mood, and understanding what this link is will help you make the right music choices when you’re at home, at work, and even in the car so you can always keep your mood up.

How Music Affects Your Mind
In order to really comprehend the link between music and mood, you need to have an understanding of how music can affect the mind. It turns out that music may seem similar to language, but it’s actually rooted within the structures of the primitive brain. These structures are involved with emotion, reward, and motivation. So when you start listening to a song and your brain starts registering the notes that it’s hearing, it ends up synchronizing neural oscillators to the beat of the song. Your brain even begins to predict when the next beat will happen. This response is an unconscious one.

Science Proves That Music Can Boost Your Mood

Have you ever listened to a sad song and begun to feel sad as a result? Then you’re already aware of the fact that music can affect your mood in a positive, as well as a negative, way. And researchers at the University of Missouri also conducted some studies that have proven that music can boost a person’s mood, particularly if it’s an upbeat tune.

In their study, scientists had participants improve their overall mood after they were told that they should try to do so. But the participants were only successful when they were able to listen to an upbeat song. The same effect couldn’t be noted when they were told to listen to sad songs.

However, there were also participants who listened to songs without being told that they should attempt to change the way that they felt. In that case, there was no increase in happiness. Therefore, you need to tell yourself that you want to be happier and that a song is designed to lift your mood before listening to an upbeat song if you want to improve the way you feel.

Now that you know about the link between music and mood, consider listening to upbeat, energizing songs when you exercise and any time you need a mood boost!