Just from your own personal experience, you know the huge impact that music can have on your mood, right? For example, when you hear a sad melody, you know how quickly you can start to feel depressed, and when you listen to cheerful and upbeat music, you know how quickly you want to smile and get up and dance.

But, can you choose a song to improve your mood right away when you are feeling down or angry? According to Everyday Health, yes, researchers have found that listening to upbeat, happy tunes for a couple of weeks, with consistency, can help people feel happier. This is especially true if their mindset is in a place where they want to be happier and they know that music is part of the process of getting there.

So, how can you choose a song to improve your mood right away? Check out the tips below to revamp your playlist.

Choose a Positive Song to Improve Your Mood

Listening to depressing music will only make you feel more down, so the simple step to take is to listen to music that is positive. You want the musical rhythm to be smooth and soothing, rather than jarring, and you want the lyrics to be positive and happy as well. As you listen to the music, though, put your focus on really feeling the joy that the song is talking about. If you’re in the right state of mind, you increase the odds of effectively using the song to improve your mood in no time.

Stick with Songs Written in Major Keys and with a Fast Pace

Another thing to consider is listening to songs that are written in major keys, as these tend to be more uplifting than those written in minor keys. Beyond the key, though, also pay attention to the pace of the song. A song that is written with a faster beat that you can predict, and that makes you feel like getting up and moving around, is going to be better than one that makes you want to sulk. In other words, the right beat can make a big difference.

A Few Final Tips to Choose a Song to Improve Your Mood

Here are a few other tips that you can consider as you search for the music that will help make you feel good:

  • Listen to songs that you already know well, and that you know will make you feel better, whenever you need a pick-me-up. This might not be the best time to experiment with listening to new music, as a song that you’re already familiar with might be more effective.
  • Choose older songs that you associate with a positive, happy, and fun time in your life. Even if a song is decades old, if it makes you feel joyful, it should be on your playlist.
  • Listen to acapella songs that use the human voice to create incredible harmonies. You might be surprised by how good these songs make you feel!

Everyone has differing taste when it comes to music. While a song that has some anger to its lyrics might agitate one person, it might actually make you feel motivated and ready to take on the world. So, really, in the end, it is all about your own personal preferences. Listen to a variety of genres and a lot of different types of songs to find those that truly make you feel better. Then, create a playlist of those songs so that you can turn to them whenever you need a song to improve your mood.