Are you wondering why music makes you move more? Check out what researchers have learned about the effects of music on your mood, and why it has the ability to motivate you to be more active.

People Move More When They Listen to Music

Researchers have found that, even while they are spending time at home, people tend to be more active when they are listening to music versus when they are in silence. They noticed that people who listened to music took more steps. In fact, the number of steps taken went up by around 2%. Also, as a result of the increased activity level, the number of calories that the people burned also went up by around 3%. Impressive, right? So it is no wonder that so many people don headphones with their favorite playlists while they are at the gym, whether they are lifting weights or running on a treadmill.

But Why Does It Happen?

Okay, so researchers know that music could definitely get you moving more, which is great for your overall health and for your weight loss strategy. But how exactly does it work? How does music have this effect on your mind and body in the first place? Well, one reason might be because music has the ability to increase the level of serotonin in the brain. This “happy hormone” could help elevate your mood, and when you feel better mentally, you are more inclined to be more active physically.

Moving to music is also instinctual because it is pleasurable. You may find yourself moving to a beat without actively thinking about it. And experts believe that this ability to pick up on and move along with steady beats of music is unique to humans and other animals that communicate through vocalizations. So your body can’t help but move to the beat that your mind picks up on.

With a better understanding of the science behind why music makes you move your body, you can take greater advantage of it by playing your favorite songs around the house while you are doing chores, as well as on your portable music player when you are going out for a run or when you are at the gym. You might be surprised by how much better you feel and how much more energy you have to power through your workout, and that could help you achieve even better results.