Listening to the best fight songs is one of the fastest ways to instantly charge your batteries and drive yourself forward to keep reaching for your top performance.  There is something nearly magical about the way these songs – some quite old and others much more recent – can instantly bring on a feeling of nostalgia, power, and the sense that you can do it…and that you want to!

Letting the Best Fight Songs Drive You

The best way to get in shape and lose weight is by combining a variety of cardio routines with strength training exercises (while eating the right foods, of course). But if you want to really go strong during all of these exercises, check out the best fight songs below to really bring out your fighting spirit.

This list is a selection of the best fight songs chosen by runners, gym-goers, and other athletes who know the importance of music as inspiration before and during a workout. Whether you’re heading out on your next run, training for a race, fight, or other competition, trying to achieve a 28-day challenge, or are gearing up for the big game, this is the kind of music you want on your side.

Why Are These the Best Fight Songs?

There is no specific formula that will decide what will and will not be one of the best fight songs.  There could be two songs with extremely similar characteristics, but only one of them will really work in the way we need it to. 

There are many components that can contribute to a tune’s ability to charge us up. Rhythm, a specific sound, a combination of notes, and certain words can all help. So can nostalgia, as memories and associations can play an important role, too.

Add These Powerful Best Fight Songs to Your Playlist

When it all comes down to it, the best fight songs often just choose themselves.  To get your top performance, pay attention to what works for you!  Add these ones to your playlist and watch how each one gets you moving!

“Bodies” by Drowning Pool

This is an aggressive rock/metal song that has been popular for many years. It is sure to bring out your strength and your endurance even during the toughest workout routines.

“White Knuckles” by Five Finger Death Punch

Another aggressive rock song, this one is sure to help you get your blood pumping, whether you are doing cardio or strength training.

“Riot” by Three Days Grace

This fun track by Three Days Grace is not as aggressive as other rock songs, but it has a fantastic tempo that will help you get moving, and it also has lyrics that will inspire you to power through your workout for the day.

“One Step Closer” by Linkin Park

One of the most popular songs by Linkin Park is also one of the best fight songs that you can listen to during your exercise routine. This song also has a great combination of tempo and lyrics that will keep you moving.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Of course, we need to include “Eye of the Tiger,” a classic song for those who are on a mission, on this list. It is definitely one of the best workout tracks for any routine, as it will make you feel powerful.

“We Will Rock You” by Queen

This is yet another fun track that you can use whenever you are strength training, as it has a great tempo that you can follow for every rep. But if you this is not your favorite track by Queen, you can also turn on “We Are the Champions” for some extra motivation.

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

This classic by Black Sabbath is also great at establishing a rhythm for your strength training reps. It is a mid-paced song that has lyrics that will make you feel as though you are invincible like Iron Man.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses

Not only is this classic Guns N’ Roses title enough to drive you forward on its own, but it is also considered one of the best fight songs at virtually every sporting event across the country, giving it a high score on the nostalgia meter, too.

“Warrior” by Disturbed

The sound and guitar solo alone would be enough to put “Warrior” on this list, but Disturbed has gone above and beyond by absolutely nailing the description of what a warrior is in the lyrics.

“Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

This song is a nostalgia bomb, but LL Cool J’s classic has also got the lyrics and rhythm to get you moving right from the start.  You just can’t sit still during this one. It’s physically impossible.

Get These Best Fight Songs into Your Pre-Game and Workout Routine

These are just a few of the best fight songs that you can add to your playlist for your time at the gym, whether you prefer hitting the weights or running on the treadmill. Let them bring out your fighting spirit so you can make the most of every minute of every workout.